Powerflushing is a removal of sludge, rust, scale and other debris from heating system using water at high velocity and chemical agents.  Powerflushing benefits of Water Treatment within Gas Central Heating Systems 

1. A quieter gas central heating boiler resulting from the removal of limescale build up in the heat exchanger. 
2. Hotter radiators and a quicker warm up from the removal of black sludge "magnetite" cold spots. 
3. A longer lasting system, pumps will last longer and radiators will have an extended life if there is no corrosion present and suitable corrosion inhibitors are used. 
4. Lower fuel bills due to a more efficient system, costs more to heat solid magnetite than it does water! Estimated that up to 25% saving can be made. 
5. Helps to comply with The Benchmark Code of Practice when installing new boilers on old or new installations. 
6. A safer environment when under taking radiators off the wall and struggling not to get black sludge on the carpets etc. 

The correct method of cleaning and inhibiting various types of Gas Central Heating Systems will ensure satisfaction to the end user and installer. By having your central heating system powerflushed by a qualified powerflushing operator it will give you peace of mind for years to come

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If your current gas central heating installation is a little sluggish with cold spots visit our powerflushing section below as this may rectify your central heating boilers problem without the cost of replacing the full heating system. 

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